Welcome to the age of the Controllers and their double-speaking, corporate-serving, democracy-crushing, Berlin-Brussels, UNITED STATES OF EUROPE.

This is a WORD-DROP inspired by and featuring the words of novellist John King with producer Meg Lee Chin dropping the sounds and visuals including clips from Brexit the Film. (If you haven't seen it, then why not?)

As fellow Creative Brexiteers, the duo provide a glimpse of the EU superstate as foretold in King's book -The Liberal Politics of Adolf Hitler: [node:read-more:link]

Meg Lee Chin presents the wit and wry English humor of iconic London poet Salena Godden. Originally from Hastings, Salena muses on the idea of a return to her hometown roots in East Sussex, UK. As one of the UK's leading poets, Godden does not disappoint with her humorous take on life in "Hastings". This is classic Salena Godden.

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Some believe the Eu to be a movement of peace, love and unity.
They think it's a movement by the people for the people.
They imagine a world with no borders, no more hunger and no more wars
But the European Union is not a grassroots movement
Its didn't rise from the ground
Nor did it grow in the streets
The European Union is an army of international lawyers and multinational corporations
Far from creating diversity, soon every high street will look the same
It's called globalization and the EU is a trojan horse [node:read-more:link]

UK activist Rob Peace is a champion of the people and co-creator of Paxvista TV. Here's a haiku he's written about the evils of money.

Paxvista TV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF1W...

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