Meg Lee Chin

Anyone who has wandered past Parliament Square toward Millbank can see the giant media fair cordoned off to members of the worldwide remain press. With their slick graphics, state of the art equipment and satiny EU flags, one could gag on the whiff of big money behind these unabashed machinations. This living testament to the might of the media industrial complex should bring fear to the heart of every British citizen. For it is here in front of our own eyes we can see what we are truly up against.

Back in 2016, the British people had the IMF, World Bank, Obama and the entirety of the global media industrial complex thrown at them. Despite this, they voted to leave. Since then the propaganda machine has gone into overdrive. Project fear continues along with that hackneyed weapon known as the Ad Hominem attack.

Today, after three years of conspiring with Europe to sabotage Brexit, this week Parliament clearly and definitively showed their true colours. We can see where their loyalties lie and it is not with the people. It is firmly behind the gated fence which separates the haves from the have nots.

Across the street, we see the Brexiteers with their handmade banners and signs, tatty but proud. They are weary but stand determined, for they have endured worse and will not be cowed.

Contrast this to the smug arrogance of those safely shielded by the welcoming hands of their corporate masters. As champagne glasses clink, the faux progressive message behind their manufactured "people's" movement is in stark contrast to the real people's movement.

For it is here amidst the flesh and backbone of the planet that the tide moves away from "Too Big to Fail" super-states toward free self-determination.

#nodeal #leavenow