Meg Lee Chin

Though I respect fired Google employee James Damore's Manifesto on sexual differences, I think he failed to address the real problem facing society which is that humans as a species are profoundly biased when sizing up others.

Given any random male and female pair, yes the likelihood that the male will be better at tech and science is probable, but only by just a few percentage points.

Unfortunately this very slight edge confers a wildly disproportionate advantage as the effect is cumulative over time and throughout society.

Where a male and female of equal ability are up for the same job, the male will get chosen far more often than those few meager points should allow for.

Multiply this by the number of times this situation comes up and you can see why women and other groups are angry.

So the problem is not with the initial judgement of the employer, which is on the face of it sensible. The problem is where an individual is tarred by their arbitrary membership of a group and hence faced with the same bias over and over again throughout a lifetime.

Any attempts by government or political correctness to address this problem by enforcement is admirable but can only be clumsy at best. It requires a complete overhaul of human cognition.

It's not surprising that many (like myself) give up in the end...

Just kidding! I'm not dead yet. ;)