Meg Lee Chin

"TOO BIG TO FAIL" - These words signify perhaps the greatest danger we face in our time. For centralization of power, is often the road to tyranny.

Some mistakenly believe the EU to be a benevolent institution. They see the EU as a progressive force for greater equality. But although the EU may appear benevolent today, there are few safeguards to prevent future tyranny.

History shows us that power tends to beget more power and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Equality imposed from above, looks more like uniformity. Far from diversity, top down governance creates a homogeneity. Soon every high street looks the same as a handful of multinationals provide what we see, eat, read and do.

Fortunately, a quiet revolution is taking place on Planet Earth. Monolithic super-states like the EU, Russia, China and the US may soon be on the road to extinction.

The block-chain is the technology at the heart of it. Top-down governance will soon give way to decentralised networks.

Why would anyone want to scupper Brexit to lick smelly old, technocratic dinosaur arse instead?