Meg Lee Chin

Our leaders believe nuclear weapons will keep the peace through a principle known as Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) The theory is that nobody will launch the first strike because to do so would mean suicide. This prevents direct wars between superpowers.

Instead tensions are relieved by proxy wars. This is where conventional wars are fought using smaller countries, but with nuclear powers behind the scenes, pulling the strings.

Far from eradicating war, MAD has merely saved the big players from getting their hands dirty. Therefore it is completely understandable why Kim Jung Un would want his own nukes. What small country wouldn't?

The genie will not go back in the bottle. Nuclear weapons are here to stay. Any talk of disarmament is to merely bury your head in the sand.

The only way for MAD to truly work is for all countries - large and small - to have their own nuclear weapons.

But this would increase the risk of accident or the button getting into the hands of someone happy to destroy the human race.

Is there a solution which could be harnessed using blockchain technology?
Or is humanity just simply.. doomed?