Meg Lee Chin

There is talk about replacing Obamacare. Some believe there isn't enough money to provide healthcare to all.

But "money" is merely a symbol for energy which is either stored (property, goods) or dynamic (services).So instead of asking whether we have enough "money" the better question is "Have we got enough energy?"

I believe we do. Physicists tell us the universe is teaming with energy. Einstein said that energy can never be destroyed but merely changed from one form to another. Therefore there should be more than enough energy to provide quality healthcare for all. It simply needs to be unleashed.

Currently our politicians act as if energy is a fixed and finite amount. Therefore all their efforts are toward redirection of what exists. But in fact we only need to invest a small amount of existing energy in order unleash new energy. This process has been the underpinning of civilization. It started with a wheel and has progressed to create the diversity of the expression of energy which we see today.

Once we stop seeing the problem as a lack of money but as a misdirection and underutilization of energy the problem becomes easier. How can we unleash energy to provide quality healthcare for everyone?

I can think of many ways;

Free education for medicine, nutrition, sports science, biology, medical technology, alternative therapy, counselling, psychology, etc.

0% tax on health care, exercise, medicine, mental health and health education businesses.

0% loans to health care, exercise, medicine, mental health and health education businesses.

Generous grants to medical research.

The result would be a boom in health care products and services. This would create competition, fuel technology, increase quality and drive prices down. The rest of the population would benefit from increased quality, cutting edge technology and lower cost of health care. Many, many more jobs would be created. Health Care would become the new Silicon Valley. Call it "Caduceus Valley".

Trump wants to cut taxes to make more energy available to enterprise and businesses. This provides stimulus to the economy by unleashing energy to business people and entrepreneurs. But the boost is indiscriminate and inefficient. Wall Street doesn't need any more tax cuts. We already have too many stock brokers and analysts. Let's not give them any more encouragement…

Instead of across the board cuts why not direct cuts only to providers of what people actually need? What we need is affordable quality health care, good education and a clean, safe environment.

This is where our energy could be directed. We must choose wisely. Let's invest a little energy to unleash a lot of energy.