Meg Lee Chin

"TOO BIG TO FAIL" has created the crisis of our times. Monolithic top-down super-states leave us vulnerable to a single point of failure. Such systems are dinosaurs. The future is networked governance.

Conflict has always been with us. But when humans band together into large groups these conflicts become war. Hence conflict is best resolved at the level of the individual.

I suspect our hive mind knows this. We see the disintegration of the EU and US. At the same time, the internet is providing closer communication and co-operation world-wide.

For the first time in history, we have the potential to replace the old-style of government which is based on geographical location. Government could become something we opt into.

A networked distributed governance based on mutual benefit and co-operation could replace behemothic super-states. This could spell the end for physical war based on geographical location.

The UK is leading the way. Let's do it now.