Meg Lee Chin

Does anybody else find the "Gove stabs Boris who steps down" story to be far fetched?

Gove's version goes like this: He wanted to start work immediately after the Brexit results. But Boris wanted to toodle off to celebrate down the pub. This lead Gove to conclude that Boris was not up for the job. So Gove decided there and then to withdraw his support and put himself forward instead

But Gove had known Johnson for about 30 years. He must know what Boris is like. They had just finished working side by side in a successful campaign.

Why would he suddenly withdraw support? Did he really believe he'd stand a chance at being Prime Minister after publicly stabbing Boris? Does something seem...fishy?

At this point Johnson could still have won. Instead he made a rather surreal and cryptic speech. It sounded almost as if he had written it previously but hastily changed it at the last minute.

Why would these men act so strangely? Could it be that both men were either bribed or threatened? Who would do such a thing?

Maybe there is a clue in Obama's recent presentation of his list for the three greatest threats to the modern world;

2) Russia
3) Brexit

It seems Obama is suffering from Brexitophobia. So much so that he even flew over to bully...I mean persuade us to vote remain. But why is Obama being so over the top?

We know the EU has always been a US intelligence project. The American Committte for a United Europe was created by the CIA to support, nurture and bankroll the European project. For the US it is far easier to manipulate one government than having to coerce and bribe 28 or more sovereign nations.

Could it be that the US Government are throwing their weight behind the blocking of Brexit? Is it even conceivable that the US would simply walk away from a 60 year long investment? Do they have the powers to crush it? Could they coerce or bribe Johnson and Gove into staging their dramatic departures?

There is already talk on the streets about George Soros funded youth protests along with currency and market manipulations. Soros is the man who singlehandedly broke the Bank of England on September 16, 1992. Along with his billions in personal wealth he has nurtured a social media empire with his fingers in a great many lefty porky pies.

Could vested interests be wreaking havoc with market manipulating tools such as high frequency trading and naked short selling?

My guess is that if we want to leave the EU we're not going to be able to go without a fight...