Meg Lee Chin

I believe in astrology, but disagree with the actual use of it because of this fundamental flaw;

Astrology plays down the fluid, dynamic and relative nature of personality and fixes individuals into a stereotype. In doing so, it is oppressive and limiting.

The personality traits of any given individual only really only exist in relation to those of another person. Ie: you are an extravert in relation to an introvert. In a room of three "alpha males", one will emerge as the alpha while the other two will adjust accordingly. Groups are dynamic and self organizing. Roles emerge depending on the task and other external variables. One of the former alpha's may adjust to the role of "the clown". Another may take the role of "scientist" or "scapegoat", "underdog", "nurturer", communicator or whatever else is needed by the group.

I challenge anyone to name just one single personality trait which can not be attributed to every single human being at least once at some point in their time on Earth. Who has never in their lives been generous or selfish? Kind or cruel? A leader or follower? Saintly or devilish? Heroic or cowardly? We have all at one time or another been all of these things. At some time in his life Einstein was stupid, Madonna was shy, George Bush was intelligent and Mike Tyson was a weakling. It all depends upon the company they were keeping at the time. Personality traits are so ephemeral that not only is their very existence dependant upon relativity but also upon the biases and subsequent interpretations of the observer. Beauty and every other trait is in the eye of the beholder and relative to the next face.

We cling to our personality traits as if they are us. But they are not us as they are ever changing and fluid. We create the illusion that they are us in order to maintain a sense of security by deluding ourselves into believing we are who we think we are. But of course we are not and in doing so we deny ourselves infinite potential...