Meg Lee Chin

Einstein taught us that the laws of this Universe are governed by relativity. But few realize that relativity governs not only space and time but is at the core of our relationships and everyday life.

Bhuddists know that nothing exists except in relation to something else. You would not know night unless you knew day. Likewise you need heat to know cold. How does one know a good day unless he has experienced a bad day? How do you know attraction unless you know repulsion? Nothing exists without it's equal and opposite. Any action will produce both a positive and negative result in perfect equilibrium. In Bhuddism this is called the natural law of the yin and the yang.

Death brings new life. Disaster leads to renewal. Even the worst actions eventually bring good fortune to somebody or something. Likewise the best actions always have a negative side. In complimenting a beautiful woman, you are automatically insulting other women. For beautiful only exists if there is someone uglier. To be rich, requires somebody else to be poor. One can only know they are happy when they have experienced sadness. As such we live in a Universe of perfectly balanced duality.

Life on planet Earth calls for moderation. For in achieving extremes such as extreme wealth, you would automatically be creating extreme poverty. One cannot exist without the other. This is where new age "cult of success" movements like "The Secret" or "Landmark Education" fall short. In promoting the pursuit of boundless riches, success and status, they ignore the fact that these terms are all relative and do not come without a price.

In plotting life's ups and downs as positive and negative numbers on a chart, the sum would always be zero. All things revert to their default setting. As any action has both a positive and negative outcome, it is impossible for one to do only good things in their life. For the minute something exists, its opposite springs into existence simultaneously. We see this drive toward resolution or what I will call the "Zero Point" within our appreciation for art, music, poetry, writings, etc. Art which is called "classic" nearly always incorporates a formula which closely mirrors the algorithms of the natural Universe. This formula has at its very basic level, a beginning, a middle and an end.

In San Francisco I learned from a music teacher named Mr. Natural, that the starting chord is called the tonic and can be thought of as home base. The musical journey then proceeds through other chords with varying degrees of harmony and dissonance. There is conflict and there is resolution. Finally the composition returns to the tonic or home base for it's final resolution or ending. The ratio of the harmonies and dissonances mirrors an algorithm called the "golden section" or "golden mean". Mr. Natural explains that this basic formula is seen everywhere throughout the universe.

These same algorithms persist in our everyday experience of life. We are occasionally "on a roll", but the winning streak cannot last for ever. Sooner or later we will get "the blues". Anytime our lives are free of conflict our subconscious minds will seek it. The easy going, happy go lucky man will soon meet a woman to turn his world upside down. The rich college kid with the silver spoon suffers existential angst. The angelic child star becomes a rock and roll demon. It's impossible to exist in a state of continual bliss, because your subconscious mind won't stand for it. It needs conflict and resolution.

We see this same drive toward the zero point in our relationships with others. It is impossible for us to leave a conflict unresolved. For even when one tries to avoid or escape a conflict we are later subconsciously drawn to a new situation where we are able to play it out again. The role played may not be the same. A conflict with a lover or a parent may turn into one with a boss or child. The details and intensity may have changed. We may not recognize it, but the dynamic will be the same.

Web developers use websites which flush their back-end database every so often allowing them to test drive the site. Sound engineers slide their faders to zero in order to prepare for the next session. Likewise the propensity for everything to return to its default setting exists within our Universe.

Thus it is impossible for humans to inflict lasting damage to the Universe. Furthermore it is this indestructibility which makes it an ideal testing ground. For like our universe, a good test site will have a mechanism to revert to the default state in order to prepare for the next test.

It is claimed that a man named Jesus Christ existed on Earth and was 100% good. But how could that be possible? The mere legacy of this man's actions has catapulted forward a chain of reactions. We can see this today has resulted in both good and bad results in equal balance. So how could a mere human being transcend the laws of this Universe? How could Jesus have been 100% good?

The answer is for him to achieve it by using his mind. For unlike his body, the mind is not subject to these laws. Though our actions are governed by these laws, our thoughts and imagination are not. Thus we are able to create in our minds things not bound by the the law of duality. Therefore regardless of whether a man such as Jesus existed or not, the more important issue is that his existence as a human being with a 100% pure good intention is possible.

Some modern, highly educated people are contemptuous of myths, dismissing them as primitive superstition. But like many classics in art, music, or literature, these stories persist because they hold some meaning for the culture.

I suspect that the enduring legend of the man called Jesus persists to show us that this state of pure loving intention is the true purpose of life on this test site we call "Earth". All other earthly pursuits are a waste of time as everything will eventually revert back to zero. So let go of the illusion that you need to "get somewhere". For like Sysyphus in the legend, you will push the rock up the hill all day only to see it come back down at night. The only way to transcend this vicious cycle is through the development of your ability to love. Yes, the Beatles had the right answer all along;



( Did I really say that? Oh nooo...)