Meg Lee Chin

I grew up in a federalized super-state known as the "United States of America". During my lifetime, I watched power trickle away from individual states toward the federal government.

This fueled polarization and unrest, as a diverse population struggled to live under "one-size-fits-all" laws imposed by a handful of politicians in Washington. The American experiment has shown that like fresh produce, laws are best when locally sourced. Rules should be made by those who have to obey them.

Today we have the EU. This bastion of power is peddled as a movement of peace, love and harmony. But far from being a grassroots movement of the people, the EU is a monolithic super-state perpetuated by a handful of people in Brussels.

Today a worldwide revolution is rapidly unfolding. The blockchain provides the possibility of a new decentralized system. Soon there will be no need for a rigid hierarchical governance as we move toward a peer to peer style of organization.

Peace, love, harmony and multiculturalism cannot be imposed, from the top down, by a monolithic superstructure. It must evolve organically from the grassroots by WE THE PEOPLE.

For those trying to scupper Brexit in a misguided belief that it will lead toward a better planet, realize that we can create a better world through distributed rather than centralized power.

Just say no to concentrated power. F**K the EU.