Meg Lee Chin

As a teenager I worked at Burger King. On slow days I was given random stuff to clean. Once cleaned, the manager would make me clean everything again...and again...and again. So I sprayed and scrubbed stuff that was already spotless and clean. This was utterly unneccessary toil. But Burger King wanted to get their moneys worth. Hence they made me do pointless things which made my life feel cheap, meaningless and worthless.

Today politicians talk about the need to boost productivity. But if we are lacking in productivity why is advertising needed to prod us to consume more? Robots and automation are gradually replacing manual labour. Much of our GDP consists of inflating property prices which add nothing useful to the economy. Could it be that we are simply running out work that is important or necessary?

How many more cups of coffee can we drink? How many cellfones can we use? How much more food can we shove down our throats?

A Universal Basic Income would allow many more people the ability to follow their dreams. Doing this would unleash humanity's vast amounts of untapped talent, energy and abilities. It Isn't it time we started to value quality of life over quantity of production?