Meg Lee Chin

Let's get rid of taxes. We can simply take money printing powers away from central banks and allow governments to directly print the cost of running the country. The budget could be capped to a percentage of GDP.

This would do away with the need for tax avoidance, evasion, and sneaky offshore schemes. There'd be less need for accountants and lawyers. The cost of running the country would be borne fairly by everyone who would bear the exact same effects of inflation.

The size of government would shrink and we could use the extra money to provide an Unconditional Basic Income. This would reduce crime, poverty, and stress on citizens. We'd save on police, the courts, jails and health costs. It would streamline the welfare system, making it simple to run. No more job centers, bullying advisers or patronizing back to work schemes.

Imagine how much money and headache we'd save from the mountains of red tape we could eliminate?

Let's do it immediately after Brexit.

Vive La Revolution!