Meg Lee Chin

Barack Obama oversaw two new wars. He launched strikes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan. He bailed out Wall Street and increased the wealth gap, He eroded civil liberties and relentlessly persecuted whistle-blowers. He repealed Habeus Corpus (which underpins our democracy). He fanned the flames of conflict with Russia. The US military is involved in more countries now than when Obama took office in 2009.

But Obama walks, talks and looks like a lefty. He spouts lefty rhetoric. So the left turn a blind eye to his actions which are the exact opposite of what he espouses.

Wikileaks revealed Hilary Clinton as the driving force behind the death of 40,000 Libyan people. As a young lawyer she bragged and laughed about helping a 44 year old rapist (whom she knew was guilty) get off with just 2 months. The victim was a 12 year old girl who was raped so brutally she ended up in a coma. Hilary won by portraying the little girl as a predator and a "fantasist".

But Hilary walks, talks and looks like a feminist. She spouts feminist rhetoric. So feminists turn a blind eye to her actions which are the exact opposite of what she espouses.

Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize. Hilary is held up as a symbol of feminist achievement.

By contrast Trump has said he wants to;

Make peace with Russia.
Cease foreign military interventions.
Bust up the media monopolies.
Replace bank bailouts with trillion dollar infrastructure investment in order to create stimulus. (In other words a quantitative easing for the people instead of the banks.)
Invest into mental health as a way of tackling violence and crime.

Trump has already successfully killed off the toxic TPP trade deals and at the time of this writing isn't even in office yet.

So Obama and Hilary start wars and kill foreigners. Hilary defends rapists. Yet Trump is the one portrayed as a racist, sexist and a warmonger by the globalist media corporations and their Hollywood mouthpieces.

This suggests that to those who look toward Hollywood and mainstream media for guidance, it is style and public image which count more than policies.

But it is said that you only really hate that which you hate in yourself. So it comes as no surprise that America's celebrity class are hating Trump. For it is in him they see themselves.

Though Trump has no doubt said stupid things, it's the proportionality of the coverage which is obscene. The relentless replaying of clips showing Trump at his exaggerated worst is so blatantly unbalanced it has been almost gluttonous in its wanton gratification. Though I did not start off liking Trump, the saccharine sanctimoniousness of the hater movement spurred me to re-examine and take another look.

When I did peer behind the media bias I discovered that many of Trump's policies are things that I myself have been banging on about for years. Had I not bothered to look (like most people protesting him) I may have written him off as the caricature portrayed by the globalist financed media.

But the scary thing is that Trump-Hate hysteria is exploding to the point where it's perpetrators are descending beyond Trumps own vulgarity. In other words; Trump Haters are turning into Trump.

Does anyone else notice something really strange?