Meg Lee Chin

There is much talk about lack of jobs. But has anyone considered that we might be running out of things to do? First we had automation and now we've got robots. But we are still prodding each other to work harder. Will there ever be a point in history when we've got enough stuff?

Dolphins are big brained mammals who do very little work and play all day long. Unlike humans they did not bite the apple in the Garden of Eden. Instead they remained in paradise swimming around naked and having a good time.

We humans bit the apple of insecurity which opened our eyes to our own mortality. We began to see danger around every corner. We built fortresses and safeguards to protect our security. No longer living mindfully in the present and enjoying the fruits of the here and now we became shackled to the "work ethic".

Work is something we have to do. By contrast play is something we want to do. Hence the only difference between work and play is whether or not we want to do it.

When we work we get depressed and tired. We run out of energy. When we play we become joyful. We seem to have boundless energy. Is it possible that we can run Planet Earth and enjoy ourselves doing it? Can we turn work into play?

How much of our work is merely to fill a gnawing insecurity? What percentage of the crap we own do we actually use? How much energy is wasted on shallow pursuits? Do we really need to impress our peers? How much more junk food can we stuff down our necks? Could we live without Starbucks?

Why be millionaires when we can be a timelionaires? Is it possible to downsize? What would be a more fulfilling way of expending our energy on Planet Earth?

Many of the fears which chain us to joyless, unfulfilling jobs which we hate are merely in our heads. Will there ever be a point where we decide we have produced enough to keep us safe? Will we ever choose to be free from the prisons of our mind?

Just say NO to the "Work Ethic".