Meg Lee Chin

Some believe globalization to be a humanitarian movement of peace, love and unity. These good people imagine that globalization will create a world with no borders. They hope it will end world hunger and poverty. They assume that globalization is a movement by the people to bring power to the people.

But globalization is not a grassroots movement. It did not originate on the ground or in the streets. Globalization is a top down movement toward consolidation of world power. It was created by armies of international lawyers for multinationals corporations whose beneficiaries are the top .001% of the richest people on planet earth. Far from bringing power to the people, globalisation will concentrate power into fewer and fewer hands. Far from ending hunger and poverty, globalization will polarize wealth and increase the gap between rich and poor.

While globalization appears to bring more prosperity to a nation, that prosperity is deceptive. Most of it is concentrated upon the richest .001%. Globalization allows multi-national corporations to pick and choose the cheapest labour across the globe. This undermines unions and the poorest in the developed countries. Though the third world benefits from the exported jobs this prosperity does not come from those who can afford it but at the expense of the poor in developed countries. This increases the wealth gap and fuels civil unrest.

Globalization creates a homogeneity of culture. As the corporations infiltrate main street, the smaller local businesses are squeezed out. Soon every high street begins to look exactly the same. Each neighborhood has a McDonalds and a Starbucks. Everyone buys their household goods at Walmart, food at Aldi's, electronics at Fry's, clothes at Primark and furniture from IKEA. We see a sneak preview of this on the internet where only a handful of sites dominate.

People start to talk, dress and act the same. They are all reading the same news. All schools teach the exact same curriculum. These schools all promote globalization. Doctors prescribe one-size-fits-all drugs by ticking off boxes on a form. All political parties are exactly the same and only differ on minor issues. Soon there is a homogeneity of thought. Free thinking is seen as subversive. A hankering for independence is seen as racism.

In every area of our lives the powerful dominate and power consolidates. Where there was once a wide spectrum with a gradation of colour these merge to form two or three bands of solid colour. Eventually there is only grey.
Globalization requires a process called "harmonization of law". Certain laws may be unnecessary and even antithetical to a particular culture. But nonetheless they must be implemented in order to facilitate the free flow of goods, services and travel. This is regardless of religion, culture, history, custom or beliefs. This diversity is wiped out and replaced by the lowest common denominator of the dominant culture.

The amount of rules and regulations increase. This is fine for large multi-nationals who can afford to navigate the mountain of red tape, but suffocates small local business.

Marx correctly predicted globalization but incorrectly predicted the solution. His communism required a top down implementation of equality. But this created uniformity. Hence equality became confused with uniformity. True equality can never be implemented from the top down.

The movement should be away from a concentration of power at the top toward a distribution of power from the grassroots. Laws should be transferred from the federal level and left for the states to decide. Likewise this transfer can move from the states to the towns, the towns to the neighborhoods, the neighborhoods to the families and finally from the families to the individual.

But can we as individuals handle this responsibility? Can we behave in a way that creates sustainable prosperity?

Many claim that Trump "is not my president". But I would disagree heartily. Trump is most definitely our president. You don't need to have voted for Trump to have had a hand in creating him. It is no good to expect a figurehead to act as an acceptable face to represent us while we as individuals behave reprehensibly.

It seems those protesting most are the ones who fail most in taking responsibility for their own part in creating Trump. Are Madonna, Beyonce, JayZ or Katy Perry shining role models? Have they not promoted gaudy excess through their showy, lavish lifestyles and overblown sense of self importance? Are they not Trump?

If Trump is immoral it is because we as individuals are immoral. If he is domineering it is because we have embraced power and success as the yardstick for our self worth. Trump is your prototypical successful American. Hollywood is bursting at the seams with more Trumps. So it is perhaps not surprising that it is Hollywood baying loudest for blood. I guess it takes one to know one…

As a culture we need to get away from celebrity worship which is globalization at a psychological level. It is the concentration of love and adoration away from those closest to you toward objects of adoration created artificially through the smoke and mirrors of the entertainment industrial complex.

What is required is a new philosophical model for success. This is not the Ayn Rand model of selfishness as a moral imperative. This is a model of personal responsibility and a revolution in personal activism.

Like the Wizard in Oz, power is an illusion. Politicians, celebrities and rich tycoons are created by smoke, mirrors and pyrotechnics which are designed to make us feel powerless. Peer behind the curtain and the powerful wizard is just a weak little man. We as individuals can think for ourselves, enjoy sustainable prosperity, live a blanced life and be the change that we want.

Just say "NO" to concentrated power.