Meg Lee Chin

Albert Einstein tells us “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

Money is merely a symbol for stored energy as goods and dynamic energy as services. So when politicans tell us there is not enough money they are either lying or stupid. Because all that energy still exists as goods, services, labor, resources, factories, roads, infrastructure etc. None of it has disappeared. It's merely changing hands.

If we use an analogy of an electric circuit to represent our present economy, we can see that the currency(energy) flowing through the circuit has not been destroyed. Instead it has accumulated and is being stored in the batteries. These batteries are analogous to assets such real estate, stock market, fine art, rare wine, etc. Who owns these assets? - The richest 0.001%.

We need to get the energy out of the batteries and back flowing through the circuit where it can be harnessed by we the people. Just say "NO" to austerity. It's a con.