Meg Lee Chin

There comes a moment when something you only understood intellectually becomes something more tangible. This understanding surpasses the intellect. It becomes something you know in your soul.

Prior to the siege of the US Capital, The idea of human extinction was something I was aware of intellectually. But afterward, I knew in my bones it would one day be inevitable.

Trump was a deeply flawed human being with his finger on the nuclear button. I don't want to pick on Trump because lots of other US presidents were dangerous too. After all, they are all just human. But Trump revealed the frailty of human beings in a system where one single member of the human race can end it. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but one day.

For our level of technological advancement is so rapid, that the usual checks and balances will soon be irrelevant. Just as it is possible today for one person to record and produce a tv show, radio station, or music video in a home studio, soon it will be possible to create a killer virus 100X more infectious and deadly than #Covid19 in a home laboratory. Regardless of whether or not you believe the rumors that the coronavirus was man-made, the fact is, it could have been. We humans have the technological capability to do so.

Be in no doubt. We have entered the age of biowarfare.

Furthermore, it will soon be possible to annihilate the planet in even more creative and ingenious ways. Although today a system exists to ringfence destructive power from anyone bent on the ending of our species, one day that system will cease to work. For when destructive power equivalent to the nuclear button becomes accessible to more and more human beings it's only a matter of time before it falls into the wrong hands.

Imagine the Unabomber with a biohackers lab in his garage or the Columbine kiddies with chemical weapons? Time and the numbers are not on our side.

Apologies if I sound too morbid. Maybe I'm just too cynical and scarred because my best friend stole from me back in 2007. I wake up each morning and hope someone or something will restore my faith in humanity.

But seriously, is there any hope?