Meg Lee Chin

We usually think of the world in the "olden days" as being something quite distinct and alien from the one we live in today. We see ourselves as modern and sophisticated. But if you think about it, NO one sees themselves as living in the "olden days". ALL people think of themselves as "modern". The Black and White aspect of "old time" photos adds to this sense of otherworldliness.

Awhile back the British Museum had a display of how the Egyptian pyramids, buildings and monuments would have appeared in their original vivid painted colors. I was struck by how vastly different this place actually was in contrast to the flat, beige stereotyped image of ancient Egyptian life I carried in my head. Suddenly the ancients didn't seem so ancient and were instead more tangible.

Likewise this website brings some of the historical characters alive and somehow makes them easier to relate to. They are more real, more like us, more human... History is NOW!