Meg Lee Chin

Though Zuckerberg has only just recently announced his intention to radically tweak Facebook algorithms, I have noticed a drastic drop in views for some time now. This suggests that these algorithms have already been at play, as neither the style nor content of my posts have wavered throughout.

Meanwhile, those who post the most arse licking-est of politically correct views seems to have been spared from the cull.

The question is whether a reasonable society is one where power can be concentrated to such a degree as to allow a single man impose his personality, political and moral views upon millions and millions of people?

The real war is not the one on drugs or terrorism. The real battle is not the one between the sexes, other races or religions. The real challenge is that of centralization vs. de-centralization of power.

The race is on for the internet. Time to hurl ourselves overboard. The Facebook ship is sinking.

Will the blockchain lifeboats save us in time?