Meg Lee Chin

The highest possible goal for humankind would be a world where we were all artists. Art is the byproduct of someone who creates for no reason other than a deep love for the creation itself. They do not act for external reward, status, money, attention or recognition. Nor do they act out of duty, fear or guilt.

In this pure loving state they develop a zen-like relationship to their art and are thus able to perform to such a high level that it almost seems to transcend earthly existence.

Art does not require art school, promoters or managers, nor does it require intellectual chattering and endless babble. Art doesn't require a language. Art IS a language. The artist need not pose in art galleries or hang out in cafes. There is no requirement for membership to any particular social, financial or educational class.

The artist doesn't have to paint or sing or dance. The artist can sweep streets, decorate cakes or train dogs. Thus the potential to be an artist is available to everyone. The main thing is the depth, quality and intensity of the relationship to their art.

True art is the closest a human being can get to being like a God. It is creation in the purest sense of the word and based on love for the very act of creation itself. Learn to love what you do. You will be an artist and you will create art.