Meg Lee Chin

There is a coup going on right now in the United States of America.

Few of the liberal class seem to have noticed when Trump stated "We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments" or "Wouldn't it be great if we could be friends with Russia?"

But Trumps policies did not go unnoticed by the deep state. They have already invested too much into foreign wars. For the last 70 years the US has either overthrown or attempted to overthrow 57 foreign governments.
The highly monopolised US news media cartels and their Hollywood mouthpieces skimmed over Trumps anti-war policies and focused instead on pussies and walls.

Hence they have diverted the very real threat of World War III and all everyone's talking about is Trumps and his awful personality.

Trump is a wild card. He's obnoxious, unlikeable and erratic. But perhaps most importantly Trump is unpredictable and difficult to control. The deep state are even more frightened of his unpredictability than we the people are.

At any rate, the hawks will not give up without a big fight. They have deep pockets and a few tricks up their sleeves.
Has anyone else wondered where all the money to organise these mass protests have been coming from? Many of the protesters believe they are standing up to racism or sexism. But this massive "grassroots" uprising could not have occurred spontaneously without major financing…

Ever get the feeling you're being used?