Meg Lee Chin

Some believe by voting to remain in the EU they will be voting;
Against the Tories - But although we can always vote the Tories out, a vote to stay in the EU is permanent. The EC is a non-transparent, un-accountable body serving the interests of multi-national corporations. Far from being a vote against the Tories - It is a vote against democracy. VOTE LEAVE and Cameron will be finished.

For solidarity with other European Nations - But in fact it is a vote to follow the other countries into a loss of sovereignty to an un-elected and undemocratic body. You wouldn’t support prisoners by climbing into prison with them. VOTE LEAVE and support our neighbors from a position of strength - outside the EU.

In favor of current EU policies - But in fact it is a vote for not just todays policies but any future policies the EC may dream up. If we stay there is nothing to stop the EU from bringing in ever more stifling rules regulations and laws. Don't be fooled by the honeymoon period. Once sovereignty is forfeited, there is little we can do to stop them and there is no going back.... VOTE LEAVE to save our sovereignty.

To prevent financial disaster - But the financial performance of the EU has been miserable and Europe is a mess. What's worse is that if there were another financial crisis there would be **** all we could do about it. Hence we would be at the mercy of the EC. VOTE LEAVE and preserve our right to make our own financial decisions.

To avoid the 10-18% housing market drop which Osborn predicts - But no market can continue to go up without coming down and our housing market is long overdue for a correction... VOTE LEAVE and let’s get back to a sensible economy.
To protect Free Trade – But the EC stifles trade by imposing hundreds of thousands of rules, regulations, procedures and laws regulating everything from milk to clothing to construction to restaurants to vehicles and everything in between. Our fishing industry has already been devasted by EU quotas. VOTE LEAVE and support UK industries.

To promote business - But Small and medium businesses will be strangled by the ever growing maze of rules, regulations and procedures dictated by the EC . The only ones that can afford to navigate the red tape are the big multinational corporations. Not coincidentally this is the same group of people that created the EU, bought our politicians and fooled some into believing their 1984 style doublespeak. VOTE LEAVE and give our small businesses a fighting chance.
To get cheap overseas calls – But why forfeit democracy for a few cheap trinkets? VOTE LEAVE and show the corporate masters that we are not stupid.

The Ec is a trojan horse which is being sold to us by the multinational corporations. Just say "NO" to big business and Vote LEAVE.