Meg Lee Chin

Some believe a one world government is required in order to address climate change. They insist this is the "only way". But throughout history, many of our problems were solved by the creative genius of human beings. For it only takes one great idea to change the tide of history.

Therefore wouldn't it make sense to focus upon the creation of an environment where ingenuity can flourish? Can we harness human inventiveness through opportunity rather than stifle it through top-down regulation leading to greater inequality and an energy apartheid?

There are many alternatives to draconian regulation:

Millions of trees can be planted
The deserts can be greened.
Large structural features (IE: damning of the Nile) are known to change weather patterns.
Thorium is a thoroughly more safe form of nuclear energy (currently being developed by the Chinese). It cannot be weaponized

Why the focus upon top-down governance instead of human-friendly technological solutions? Why the name calling when people dare seek solutions outside the box?

The tragic irony we are faced with today is that those who speak out are demonized. Stigmatizing those who would seek alternatives to the prescribed solution of one world governance has become the modern-day witch hunt in Universities, Colleges, and Schools. People are becoming afraid to speak.

But this is the exact opposite of what we need today. Because if there's one thing the red scare of the McCarthy era did not produce, was an atmosphere of creativity.