Meg Lee Chin

Some say we Brexiteers don't know what kind of Brexit we want; But do Remainers know what kind of Remain they want? Or do they believe they can simply reverse the #realpeoplesvote and everything will go back to the way it was?

A failed Brexit would tip the balance of power and leave us permanently locked in. We'd likely lose our rebate and be forced to join the Euro. If you think the EU is uncompromising now, just wait...

In May 2019, the EU will meet to discuss plans toward a tighter political union with power being fully centralized. They have announced plans for a full army, air force and navy by 2025. Then there is the planned EU tax.

Meanwhile, the Italian economy is crumbling and France's government is on its knees. Greece has yet to recover.

So to all those who have steadfastly refuse to accept the result of our hard-won referendum, if you steal Brexit in 2019 will you be surprised if we demand a third referendum in 2020 because "Voters didn't know what they were voting for?"