Meg Lee Chin

We are a pivotal point in history with a war taking place on the internet. There is on one side a race toward centralized control where the majority of traffic goes to just a small handful of sites owned by the 1%. On the other hand we have a window of opportunity to move away from centralized control and more into peer to peer ownership.

I reckon the future could play out either way and I for one would rather see the latter. What we need is to devise a way to create websites like Facebook which do not exist on just one server but on anonymous machines worldwide with no owners. It would be like Bitcoin or Bittorrent for websites. Call it Bitbase or Bitsite.

Fans of a site could download the frontend software for the site directly to their machine. Then the software would query data from the peer to peer backend database which exists on multiple machines worldwide and be constantly updating. There could be a size control or search mechanism for limiting the data range by date or subject.

No measly 1% would be able to control it. Is anyone doing this already? Can it be done? Anyone who is able to crack this will quite literally change the course of history.