Meg Lee Chin

The biggest danger facing us today is not guns, bullets, bombs, global warming or even a group of lizards calling the shots. The biggest danger is the inability of our citizens to engage in civilised debate with those whom they disagree with.

Islam was once a world leader of technology, science, culture, politics and art. At the core of it's teachings was a respect for debate and intellectual discourse. But this wealth of intellectual diversity threatened the control of a small group of elite priests who sought to strictly regulate inteperetations of the Koran. No longer able to flourish intellectually, the great nation fractured into bitterly opposing tribes.

Today we are facing a similar downfall. You needn't be a conspiracy theorist to realise that history is about to repeat itself. Wealth inequality has created a new elite bent on preservation of control. Propaganda, fake news, cultism, tribalism, political correctness is everywhere as the waters become increasingly muddled.

Instead of attempting to navigate this ocean of obfuscation we seek the refuge of like-minded peer groups and cling desperately to each other in echo chambers whilst demonizing those with opposing views.

Paradoxically the latest and most disturbing manifestation of this intolerance comes from those formerly associated with an open minded, liberal attitude.

I urge those who believe themselves to be open minded and tolerant to try harder. Learn to debate civilly. Civilisation depends upon it.