Meg Lee Chin

Dear Donald Trump,

Make everybody love you by building a BIG BEAUTIFUL new health care system. This is real, real easy to do for a GENIUS like you.

Instead of offering indiscriminate tax breaks to all the useless money morons on Wall Street, give a targeted tax break to real smart people who want to start any healthcare business such as;

Clinics, hospitals, medical schools, biology labs, medical technology, alternative therapy, nutrition, health clubs, counselling, psychology, pharmacies, etc.

While you're at it, give them zero interest loans too.

Then give free tuition to any real, real smart kids who want to go to school to study medicine, biology, psychology, counselling, health, healthcare administration, chemistry, nursing, etc.

Provide YUGE grants to medical research because we know you're a real, real generous guy. Everybody knows your generosity is YUGE. Everybody knows it.

This would create a YUGE boom in healthcare products and services. It would create competition, fuel technology, increase quality and drive prices down.

Americans would get higher quality healthcare, cutting edge technology and at a lower cost. Many, many more GREAT jobs would be created. This would stimulate the economy in a BEAUTIFUL way.

And the best thing is, you would SHOW UP that stuck up Teresa May. That ugly English witch wants to CHARGE MORE tuition to anybody who wants to study useful stuff.

All the British folks will see you are smarter than their dumdum, stupid leader and you will be a SUPERSTAR. Next time they will BEG you to visit and dance with the QUEEN!

Plus, that Goody Two Shoes Angela Merkel and Mama's Boy Macron will be JEALOUS cuz they didn't think of it first.

Whatcha think, pretty GREAT huh?

Warmest sincerest regards, from your real good admirer, who doesn't make fun of you ever, at all...

Meg Lee Chin