Meg Lee Chin

Many "young people" are angry with "old people" for voting leave. They believe older people have been selfish with the future. (Which apparently belongs only to them)

But when questioned, many of these older leave voters have explained they are willing to tighten their belts over their few remaining years for the sake of the future for their children.

This is the generation that fought against facists, lived through world war ll and brought us the NHS. They watched their local high street shops become indistinguishable from any high street in the world with a McDonalds on every corner.

"Old people" remember hearing rumours of a federalist superstate known as the "United States of Europe". They remember being assured this would never happen. They watched helplessly as this promise was eroded and the EU morphed into an ever tightening political, economic and social union driven not by a grassroots consent of the people but by globalist corporate interests.

Meanwhile the universities they built got hijacked by neoliberalism and spawned a new generation taught to believe that the EU is all about unity, harmony and co-operation.

This is a war of books and theory vs. common sense and experience. Those who have lived longer instinctively know that globalisation is wrong.

But instead of respecting the collective wisdom and experience of our older citizens, it appears the MTV/EU generation would rather follow "Saint Bob Geldoff" the ultimate clueless virtue signaller.