Meg Lee Chin

As the new darling of all upright and pious Remainers, Carole Cadwalladr rose to fame for her Ted Talk replete with misty-eyed exhortations against the alleged sins of the Brexit campaign. Striding the stage like a paperback guru, marshaling the forces of positivity and light, Carole seems convinced she is on a crusade against the forces of evil.

I remember watching her TED Talk in disbelief at the bias and slurs being passed off as "journalism" and wondering when she would be sued for libel. Well, that day has arrived and there is now a lawsuit against her claim that there was Russian collusion with Aaron Banks.

But instead of publicly admitting to shoddy writing, like any good serial propagandist, Carole somehow manages to remake herself as a persecuted victim at the hands of a big bad "millionaire". (As if his wealth alone absolves her of guilt.)

Though in a recent interview she appears to put on a brave face, her shaky voice suggests she's taken legal advice and is no longer so confident about her "facts". After almost three years of off-color jokes, demonization, and vilification of Brexit voters, it's about time someone was held to account.