Meg Lee Chin

It saddens me that Trump has temporarily suspended visas in seven countries for four months. Understandably everyone is outraged....but where was everyone when the refugee crisis was first created?

Where was everyone when the Obama administration toppled the Libyan government by sending in the CIA to back rebel groups and  then finish off the job with airstrikes?
Where was everyone when he armed rebels in Syria in order to topple Assad?
Where was everyone when he launched airstrikes in Yemen?
Where was the mainstream media?
Where was Hollywood?
Where was the UK?

Seems that overnight everyone has jumped on the revolutionary bandwagon. Protest is the new rock n roll. But for eight years most people stood by while "Nobel Peace Prize Winner" Obama furthered the agenda begun by the Bush's, Clintons and those before them. So Obama makes a few nice gestures at the very last minute and all is forgiven.

Isis came to power amidst the chaos created by our bloody foreign interventions. Today they claim to have smuggled thousands of operatives into Western nations disguised as innocent refugees. Some would argue that the small risk of terrorism on our streets would be worth it for the sake of offering humanitarian aid. After all it was our politicians who created the chaos. In other words the ends justify the means.

But this poses an interesting philosophical question. The term used for the killing of innocents where ends justify the means is "collateral damage". So how much "collateral damage" of innocent western citizens is acceptable in order to maintain our collective self image of a "tolerant society" which shuns "racism"?

Does it not seem a bit late now to be demanding an open door policy to large numbers of immigrants - some of whom are more than justified to hate and want to kill us? Where was everyone when it mattered? Will the current virtue signalling by our celebrities and leaders make them like and forgive us? Will it cover the shame?

Like a cancer the ravages of our interventions has been growing worldwide. Trump sits merely on top of a rotting tumour. Cut him off and we are still left with the stinking flesh. So then we are stuck with the putrefying and corrupt system which brought Trump to power in the first place.

But at least if we succeed in destroying Trump we can congratulate ourselves. We can enjoy the happy delusion that somehow all of the evil in the world has ended. Things are back to "normal". Madonna will stop pretending she was ever a feminist "victim" and go back to being a "Boy Toy".

However the delusion is only temporary. Vanity is short sighted. Those protesting have no plan B. Trump will be replaced by another smooth talking Obama/Hilary/Bill. The new president will a woman or someone LGBT or maybe a even a Muslim. It does not matter. What they are and what they do is irrelevant because the style, the look, the public image - that's all there is…