Meg Lee Chin

Has anyone else noticed a strange paradox when it comes to political ideology? It's almost as if one's stated political view is 100% opposite to what they themselves are;

Climate change activists like Megan and Harry have huge energy footprints.
Conspiracy theorists like David Icke are control freaks.
Trump haters are bullies like Trump.
Marxists like Corbyn grew up privileged.
Racists discover they have the DNA of their hated.
Remainers are bigoted toward leavers and feel superior.
Anti-Fascists act like fascists.

Myself, I am a Brexiteer with a fear of totalitarian technocratic super-states who stopped being in bands to write and produce music and videos on my own with machines.

The weird thing is, these biases when summed together, do produce an accurate view of the world. If there is a fire in the room, it is those are the paranoid end of the spectrum who see it first. Doesn't mean there's no fire. But it also means there are more false alarms. We all project our own weakness but that doesn't mean those weakness are not inherent in the system because after all, they are in us.

A new finding as explained in the book "The Wisdom of the Crowd" is that the collective opinion of a group of diverse individuals will make more accurate judgments than a group of experts.

So the good news is that collectively, We the People can make accurate decisions. But we need to learn to listen to each other and respect one another's views.