Meg Lee Chin

Some point to the effectiveness of political protests historically as a justification for the current wave of protest obsession. But mass protests of the past tended toward issue-based demands based on clear and measurable goals.

By contrast, many of today's protests are vague and express generalised dissatisfaction. There is an "us versus them" attitude with a lot of finger-pointing and little sense of personal responsibility.

Instead of offering ideas, solutions or a clearly articulated vision of the change they want to see, it all sounds more like collective whining rather than a serious commitment to change. Far from a move toward empowerment, they seem determined to remain locked into adolescence and demand that the adults "fix everything" for them. Instead of march as an act of courage, it's morphed into an excuse for a rousing day out with mates.

So where are all the real revolutionaries? Has Silicon Valley swallowed them up?