Greta Thunberg
Meg Lee Chin

MIT and Harvard Professor of Atmospheric Physics Richard Lindzen, warns about the danger of reducing science to a contest of pop consensus.

For myself, I say YES to clean air, energy, modest lifestyles, healthier diets and more trees. But NO to an energy austerity imposed upon the world's poorest. NO to an energy apartheid where only celebrities, royals and Instagram stars enjoy the good things in life.

The next human being to discover a new form of clean abundant energy may be living in the third world today. That genius will remain untapped if he/she is hurtled back to the stone age.

We already have new forms of safe clean energy waiting in the wings. Thorium, Cold and Nuclear Fusion, Reprocessed Fuel technology are all waiting to be realized.

Previous generations sacrificed their sweat to leave us their art, philosophy, science, agriculture, medicine, music, poetry, books, computers, space travel and so much more. But according to Greta, those before her have "done nothing".

So why not put your money where your mouth is Ms Thumberg and show us what your generation is prepared to do? Go back to school and study. Work to find a positive solution to the ongoing search for a more accurate understanding of how to manage our world through unbiased and non-politicised science.