Meg Lee Chin

Some believe the pandemic is merely a plot to take over the Earth. They insist that the virus is fake.

But let's look at this logically;

If you were a globalist elite with an aim to enslave humanity with a virus, given that you have the technology at your disposal, why bother with a fake one? Why not whip up a mightily deadly one along with an antidote for you and your own?

Prince Phillip once told the Telegraph;

“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation”.

The Prince didn't say he wanted to return as a fake virus. He didn't wish for a ruse to merely to see people wear masks on the tube so that he and his cohorts could flex their egos and have a good chuckle at the stupid "sheeple".

FFS, he said he wants to CULL THE POPULATION.

After all, why wouldn't the ruling class want an excuse to be rid of the old, the sick, the poor, the vulnerable, and "Useless Eaters" who consume more than they produce?

That there is a plot to take over the Earth is nothing new. The desire to control other human beings has been in the human psyche since the dawn of man. What child hasn't dreamed of being King or Queen?

Will this pandemic be exploited by those in power in order to grab more power?

YES. It's happening now right under our noses. There's a wealth transfer happening on Planet Earth. Mom and Pop shops are snapped up at bargain-basement prices as governments bail out property owners and the corporates.

But instead of screaming this from the rooftops, much of the usual anti-NWO crowd are actually doing the work of the elite for them. Alex Jones, David Icke, and Donald Trump are the twisted Pied Pipers of the "Fake Pandemic" with vanity as the driver. Their insistence that the virus isn't dangerous taps into our desperate desire for the misery of these many months to be over. Far from freeing us, their insistence that we take no precautions prolongs the pain.

Instead of urging us all to be pro-active and to apply people-power and ingenuity to defeat this virus, they've convinced some that "real men don't wear masks". In their muddled heads, they believe it's a way to show two fingers to the elite - Ignoring that they themselves have become the elite of their own empires.

But do you really think Prince Phillip cares if you don't wear a mask on the tube?

The ability to hold with utter certainty, many directly conflicting theories as fact, simultaneously in one's head must surely be the path to madness.

Welcome to the Insane World Order.