Meg Lee Chin

Some have forecast economic doom and gloom after coronavirus. But this is not a foregone conclusion. Indeed there is an opportunity for a more sustainable, person-centered economy based on GDW (gross domestic wellbeing) rather than GDP (gross domestic product)

Coronavirus has shown how little we really need to live on. We can now see that so much of what we produce and consume is frivolous and unnecessary. Indeed one could argue that our overconsumption is a diversion and an escape from boring, meaningless jobs. This is a vicious cycle.

The really important industries are the ones currently still operating. These include food, science, healthcare, construction, education, transport, deliveries. communications and technology. The rest is just icing on the cake.

If the workweek was slashed from 40 to 10 hours a week. There would be enough jobs for everyone within these important industries. That leaves a lot more free time for everyone to pursue their own chosen "icing on the cake".

Contrary to the myth that people are inherently lazy unless pushed to earn a crust, coronavirus has shown people would rather do meaningful volunteer work than nothing. Over 750,000 volunteered to help shelter the elderly and the vulnerable. Many were turned away because there was not enough work to volunteer for.

So we'd see a lot more human energy directed toward meaningful work than diversionary work.
If governments were to cease endlessly and artificially propping up the property market, we could have that long overdue drop in property prices. Normal supply and demand economics would settle in. This could end the current feudalist style slavery of working long hours at stupid jobs just to keep a roof over your head.

Life after coronavirus could mean the end of the impersonal coffee bar, restaurant, night club culture replaced by folks inviting their friends over for afternoon tea and dinner parties.

People forget that even the darkest clouds have a silver lining and every tragedy brings the possibility for change. Would you like to see change after coronavirus or do you just want everything to "bounce back" to the way it was?

If so, what change would you like to see?