Meg Lee Chin

It’s the summer of discontent….but has anyone learned the lessons for our times yet?

In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, the self-appointed globalist authority known as the WHO told us;

Coronavirus will not spread from human to human.
It does not hang in the air.
Masks are unnecessary.
Staying indoors is safer than being outside.

We now know;

Covid19 spreads from human to human.
It hangs in the air for up to 3 hours.
Staying outdoors is safer than being indoors.
We need sunlight and Vitamin D.
Air conditioning is bad.
Masks used in enclosed public spaces is the simplest, least painful way to stop the spread.

Across the planet, doctors, virologists, scientists, and folks with common sense knew that governments lied about masks to cover up for the PPE shortage. This is despite the fact that the possibility of a new deadly virus has been predicted for years and they didn’t prepare. In short, our leaders tried to cover their own butts.

But there are plenty of us who’ve known all along that masks made sense. Why place blind trust upon a handful of “experts” who spoon-feed us information? Top-down authoritative bodies are far too corruptible, with just a few hands to blackmail or bribe. So why wait for the government to get up to speed? Why remain behind the curve? I began to wear my N99 mask in January.

Forget the misguided #antimask and other #fakemovements that misdirect the energy of lockdown cabin fever. If Epstein were alive he’d be bankrolling these distractions. For at the heart of this summer of discontent, is a sense that we are all pawns in the globalist machine. The future is the decentralization of knowledge and power.

2020 could be the turning point toward the dissolution of top-down superstructures that are vulnerable to a single point of failure. It could mean the end of #TooBigToFail.

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So do you just wanna whine about masks… or are you ready for the real revolution?