Meg Lee Chin

If there are lessons to be learned from Covid19, it's that we need more transparency when it comes to public health.

One way to tackle this would be a worldwide public blockchain database where qualified medical professionals could input anonymized data about patients and their treatments.

Patients would contribute information about the outcomes of their treatments such as side effects, whether they got better, etc.

This database could also include detailed information from drugs and other trials.

Google is now psychic due to the sheer amount of data it processes and analyses (It knows more about you than you do!).

In this same way, a worldwide public blockchain database could eventually process so much data that the resulting ability to predict safe and effective treatments may actually surpass traditional trials - which are lengthy and costly.

The beauty is anyone could have access to this data - not just the authorities.

It could mean the democratization of health care with the public taking a more active role in decision-making.

Think of that!