Walking...just taking my time
I won't make believe, I'm not losin' my mind#
Dreaming of how it could be
I can't make no sense of what's happening to me

The red door's closing in
But the girl refuse to smile
Oh Venus, why do you cry?

Thinking...those old times hurt so bad
Venus in brown sheets
She's looking so hard

The red door's closing in
And her eyes are filled with pain
Oh Venus, why you looking so strange

"Somebody's talking to me but the words just slip away
So I breathe deep falling asleep in a strange and quiet way
and I fall down crying on my knees I'm laughing
Tears that clear my eyes"

Help us, be who we must be
Venus in brown sheets
is crying out

And the clouds are opening, but the sun is burning low
Oh Venus,

refusing to go..
refusing to go...
refusing to go...