Meg Lee Chin

Some believe COVID is a plot to erode civil liberties and see themselves as freedom fighters against oppression. They are calling on everyone to refuse to wear masks. But it might be more genuine if they were to call on everyone to refuse to:

Pay taxes
Pay rent on land/property.
Send children to school.
Obey traffic, property, homicide laws, or any myriad of laws we are legally bound to obey each and every day.

For surely these are far more burdensome infringements on our liberties?

The inconvenience of wearing a mask in public indoor spaces pales in comparison to the inconvenience of Covid19 as a permanent addition to our current stock of recurring seasonal flu and viruses. These already kill tens of thousands annually in the UK alone.

In effect we would add a new more infectious illness which is 5–10 times more deadly, and leaves permanent damage in 30–40% of those infected (even those asymptomatic) on top of what we already have.

On the other hand, if we eliminate COVID, we also eliminate so many other airborne infectious diseases and save tens of thousands of lives each year.

Think of that.

The eradication of #COVID19 can be accomplished without lockdowns, vaccines, or other more serious measures. We simply just all wear masks when in enclosed indoor public spaces for a few months.
The protective effect of masks on the wearer depends on the quality and how it's worn. It's true a cheap cotton mask may only protect you from 50% of airborne viral particles leaving you vulnerable to the other 50%. But if everyone wore even a flimsy mask, the virus would be drastically curtailed at source as people exhale, cough, and sneeze into their own masks. Hence its primary function is to protect the whole group.

There are so many who devote their lives to alleviating human disease and suffering. Of all the things one could do to throw off our shackles why protest the one simple rule which - for once - benefits We The People?

I don't wear my mask because the government tells me to. I wear my mask because it's the right thing to do.