Meg Lee Chin

Some believe that Covid19 is "just like the flu" and "hasn't killed that many".

But they seem to have forgotten the enormous sacrifices and unprecedented level of social distancing undertaken by their fellow humans across the entire Planet.

So what would it look like if we did nothing and let the virus naturally take its course? Based on what we saw in Wuhan, I'd rather not find out. A friend who lives there reported bodies in the street and a downplay of the true picture by their authorities.

For in the absence of human intervention, Covid19 has a 3% death rate, a 2.8R rate of spread, and leaves substantial permanent damage.

Those with a basic understanding of exponential growth know that even a simple doubling (or R rate of 2.0) can rapidly overwhelm any system. I could offer you a choice of $1000 today or a penny doubled every day for one month. If you took the penny you'd have over 5 million bucks. But if you took $1000, you probably believe Covid19 is "just like the flu".

Luckily, thanks to those who've worked tirelessly round the clock, we now know more about COVID19.
We now know about the permanent damage caused by this illness. Recent findings of a clinical study upon passengers of the "Diamond Princess" cruise ship reveal that 54% of those asymptomatic with Covid19 have in fact unknowingly suffered scarring to the lungs.

Another study revealed lung scars in 30% of asymptomatic cases. As the lungs are overbuilt, the young and healthy may not notice today, but they probably will when they're older.

Then there are the "long haulers" - those who caught the coronavirus way back in March but have still not recovered their sense of smell, taste, energy levels, heart, or lung capacity.

There is no guarantee they will recover at all...

We know that the amount of virus one is exposed to, or the "viral load" determines the severity of illness. Hence the diligent use of masks, adequate ventilation, and social distancing practices has led to a reduction in viral load. This is the real explanation for the lower death rate - not because the virus isn't dangerous. It is.

I can understand why memes which underplay Covid19 can be attractive to the psyche. We have all suffered over these past 8 months. It makes sense we are desperate to believe anyone who tells us the pandemic is either over, fake or exaggerated. Taking to the streets maskless with your mates is more enticing than climbing up the walls indoors.

But we are inching closer to where we can manage this illness and beat it. Vitamin D and Zinc are protective. Hydroxychloroquine reduces deaths by 20%. Dexamethasone by 30%. Trump's Monoclonal Antibodies treatment looks promising.

So for those who believe Covid19 is "just like the flu" would you choose that $1000?