Meg Lee Chin

Having been a victim of racism, I have long identified with the liberal left. They seemed the nicest, most tolerant group. But lately they are looking more like the party of intolerance - no different from those who bullied me as a child. This has puzzled and upset me.

And now, I think I may have discovered the reason;

Karl Popper is a 20th century philosopher. He penned what he called the "Paradox of Tolerance" which is a call to practise intolerance of the intolerant.

George Soros is a billionaire investor. He is a longtime fanboy of Popper. Soros has sunk billions into nurturing left wing groups to take a hardline inflexible stance. He created an empire of "Intolerance of the intolerant" propaganda. His network of influence spreads worldwide. He has disrupted entire countries and their elections. He is an unabashed globalist.

So it's all starting to make sense.

But Poppers philosophy is merely an unproven theory with no basis in science.
In fact, recent evidence seems to suggest that Karl's theory is woefully wrong. Far from doing away with intolerance, his intolerant stance is leading to civil unrest, violence and division all across the "Land of the Free".

Though many of us are inclined to hold the words of academics and billionaires in awe, I would suggest we replace Popper and Soros' philosophy with a simpler, time tested and more enduring philosophy;

Two wrongs don't make a right.