Meg Lee Chin

Over the past 4 years, I prayed for Democrats to come up with even a halfway decent candidate. I figured Trump would've pissed people off enough to do some serious reflection and they would have come back stronger.

I thought Trump might've been the pebble in the shoe to MDDA (Make Democrats Decent Again). I naively hoped they might return to their pro-worker, anti-war, and anti-big business roots.

Often times the biggest tribulations one suffers in life can be the stimulus toward the greatest change. This crown of thorns can be a crown of jewels.

But from where I stand, Joe Biden is a massive wasted opportunity. The agony of putting up with Trump could've been rewarded in the end with a better system. Instead, we're going right back to the sedated satisfaction of endless wars in the name of globalization.

There are probably hundreds of thousands of Americans who would've been better candidates. But instead, we got a race between compromised Joe Biden and egomaniac Donald Trump.

As far as I'm concerned the system is broken.

Now that Biden is president we can expect to see an escalation of wars. For the US stopped making things long ago and is now dependent upon its military-industrial complex as a means to continue its lavished lifestyle for a privileged few.

NAFTA will be back. TPP will be back. Rocketman will be back.

Middle East massacres will continue with retaliation in the form of increased terrorism.

China will invade Taiwan. For Biden is beholden to China and the NWO.

Any hope of a sustainable, self-sufficient economy is a pipe dream. The petro-dollar is our opium.

The "good" news?

We get uni-sex bathrooms and a woman vice president.