Meg Lee Chin

The XR campaign have handed a free pass to unelected, self-appointed globalist organizations to satisfy their long-held lust for a worldwide carbon tax. This would mark the start of an energy apartheid and an increase in global inequality.

Perhaps this explains how XR managed to "crowdfund" a near-instantaneous massive global campaign? For anyone aware of the ongoing sequestering of the internet, knows that the days of worldwide viral campaigns on a shoestring are over.

So why have the globalist establishment bent over backwards to accommodate them?

Misguided as they are, XR are a godsend to the authorities. Far from a message of empowerment, XR adopt the stance of spoiled children. Instead of focus upon positive action such as a nationwide initiative to re-green the UK with trees, or the development of clean technologies, they simply trash their playpens and look to the government (patriarchy/establishment) to "save us". It suits the globalist narrative and reinforces the notion that we need them to save us from ourselves.

XR leaders look to ordinary people and say "Do as I say, not as I as I do". It's ok for them to drive around in cars or fly in planes because they believe fanatically in their own self-importance.

It's the politics of privileged victimhood. What exactly are they teaching the next generation?

Will globalist subsidized childish wilfulness replace democracy in the future