Meg Lee Chin

In order for large scale hoaxes to succeed, what's required is a systemic structure already in place.

One such structure is the media industrial complex. With a few hands controlling the main channels of communications, the "news" has become merely press releases from the head office upstairs.

Another is our educational institutions. These have become ideological indoctrination camps on behalf of their corporate donors.

Then there are the sciences. With funding directed toward research which supports desired outcomes, it's become harder to rely on the data.

As a result, we the people no longer trust these institutions. Their manipulation and exploitation of large scale events such as 911, global warming and Brexit have backfired. Hence we are today, like the villagers who heard the boy cry wolf. He's tricked us so many times, we simply don't believe him.

Unfortunately, if we choose to ignore his cries this time, it's us that get eaten.

But we can save ourselves by harnessing the power of decentralised communication, education and information. The internet, blockchain and peer to peer networks must be kept open and free.

Boy cries wolf again?

Save the sheep and replace the boy.

#blockchain #decentralization #hivemind