Meg Lee Chin

PREDICTION: With a reputation never to let a good disaster go to waste, the self-appointed world body known as the IMF will use the Coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to offer their SDR as a possible new global currency.

Decades of already historically low-interest rates mean that very soon, no further cuts will be possible. This means governments can no longer use QE (quantitive easing) to save the economy.
Allegedly the only option will be for the IMF (International Money Fund) to step in with their own fake money known as SDR (Special Drawing Rights). The SDR is the currency dangled to third world countries for bailout money after they've been brought to their knees.

It's been on the cards for some time. Indeed economists like Jim Rickards have warned of this. Systems are already in place, ready for the next financial crisis. Looks like this is it.

But there are alternatives. Grassroots use of multiple cryptocurrencies could thwart this globalist power grab. Too much reliance on any one currency (such as bitcoin) or your own national currency leaves too much scope for price manipulation. The key is diversification.
Don't panic. But get ready.