Meg Lee Chin

In the early days, Ebay was a platform sustained by trust. There was no need for Paypal, refunds or 3rd party intervention. This worked surprisingly well as membership was small. They were able to operate with few rules. This is because human beings are surprisingly honest within smaller communities.

But as groups expand, so does the number of rules. Far from enabling greater productivity, these rules become chains and extinguish innovation. Far from diversity, everything begins to look the same. Shopping malls replace high streets and multinational chains replace shops. We all live under the same blanket laws dictated from afar and with little say. We see this with the homogenization of the internet into a handful of giants who control information and commerce.

The good news is that the tide is turning away from top-down superstates toward smaller independent nation-states within loose co-operative networks. As the blockchain and new Peer-To-Peer Technologies are set to free us from the stranglehold of the global financial order, so are societies re-organizing into smaller, interconnected groups.

At a recent UN talk Boris Johnson gave a speech that left me in no doubt that far from being the dumb blonde as he is portrayed, Boris truly understands the big picture. He, Steve Baker and Dominic Cummings can see what we anti-globalists have been aware of for some time. The UK delegates sniggered at Boris but I predict it is they for whom history will be unkind.

Once we get out of the EU, we can move toward a future of creative independence as opposed to a top-down authoritarian nightmare where power is concentrated into the hands of a few.

So fingers crossed for Independence Day.

Let's hope we get the HELL out while we can!

#leavenow #brexit #cleanbreak