Meg Lee Chin

A doctor named Andy Kaufman has gone viral with his hypothesis that #Covid19 is not a virus but an exacerbation of existing illnesses due to toxic environmental conditions. He suggests these toxicities may arise from things like stress, poison, radiation and 5G.

He points to empty ER rooms as anecdotal evidence.

But although Kaufman's is an interesting theory, it doesn't account for the very real exponential growth we're seeing. Deaths from #CoVid19 start slow and grow exponentially with a doubling of deaths every 3-4 days. This is precisely in line with the predictive models we have seen globally. Were environmental factors to be at play, we could expect to see large clusters of deaths triggered by localised events (such as the erecting of a 5G tower).

His suggestion that empty ER rooms point to deliberate government deception is also flawed. For I suspect they're empty because;

1)People are afraid to go to ER.
2) Coronavirus patients have been specifically instructed NOT to go to ER.
3) Many practices have shifted their load to phone-based consultations.
4) The virus starts slow and spreads exponentially. Hence most places will be empty until critical mass is reached.

Empty rooms laying in wait is not proof of deliberate deception, but a sign of preparedness. By the time hospital beds get even half full, it is already too late and the virus has gotten out of hand.

Me, I love a good conspiracy and am in no doubt we will one day uncover incidents of government deception and incompetence which arises from this period in history.

But I don't think Kaufman's theory holds water.