Meg Lee Chin

GLOBALIZATION is another word for MONOPOLY on a world-wide scale. It's a corporate free for all. Behind closed doors, armies of lawyers draft mountains of bureaucracy, friendly to the corporates, but devastating for small business. Little fish can't compete. Soon every High Street begins to look the same as multinationals squeeze out local shops.

Wide-open borders allow corporations free reign on Planet Earth. They get all the perks of access to wealthy nations along with a dirt-cheap workforce. We see a race to the bottom for wages. Unions have no place as there is always somebody around willing to work for less. Productivity rises but satisfaction lowers. We have more things, but something is not quite right…

Inequality rises exponentially. We're told GDP is high, but we feel pretty low. Work becomes more tedious, repetitive, uninspiring, We desperately want off the treadmill. We feel like an expendable part.
Henry Ford's factory has expanded to encompass the globe. In this new system, the diversity of each nation reduced to a specialized monoculture and a cog in the global machine. There is just one factory. It's called the Central Artificial Intelligence Agency (CAIA). It's a quantum computer.

The globalist media machine with their mouthpieces and presstitutes keep the ruse going. Ad hominem attack is the low-grade weapon used to silence dissenters with the red herring of racism. Saint Bob Geldoff arrives at the gates of heaven only to be stripped of his wings and turned away for the crimes of shallow disingenuousness and shameless virtue signaling. Devoid of a soul, mankind becomes obsolete.

The human race is destroyed not by global warming or WW3, but by the vanity of man whose only goal in life was to be rich on Instagram.