Meg Lee Chin

Many years ago, after an evening out, and having returned to my flat in Soho, London, my friend Teddy recoiled at the sight of a David Icke book I had been reading. His eyes went wide and fearful. He pointed at the book and shrieked, "That guy's evil!" "You can't read his book!".

Back then I saw myself as a bit of an intellectual maverick on the cutting edge of radical thought, boldly traversing every forbidden intellectual terrain. Such was the state of my inflated ego. It seemed ridiculous that someone could be so scared of a book.

"He makes some really good points" I sniffed haughtily. "Of course I don't buy the reptilian thing but I think it's important to stay open-minded".

Teddy was inconsolable. He kept repeating over and over, "NO! Don't! Please Meg DON'T! David Icke is EVIL!" NO! NO! NO! Finally, after a long time, our friend Chris said "It's getting late. C'mon Ted let's go get the bus home." Chris gave me an apologetic look as he went past me.

Once the door was shut behind them, I breathed a sigh of relief. "Teddy is a bit simple," I thought.
Years later and I now reckon Teddy was right. He may not be a bookworm or cafe society intellectual but his human instincts back then were spot on.

David Icke has created a global movement and appointed himself as the unquestioned leader at the top of the pyramid. Ironically he preaches the dangers of top-down elite control, yet he himself is the epitome of it. His communication flows in one direction only. He offers little to no opportunity to question his assertions. He keeps a tight grip over every interview, book, video, or appearance. His tactics wouldn't be out of place in Hollywood.

The image he paints is a global battle between good and evil. This age-old polarized view of the world is nothing new and is indeed at the heart of all major world religions. A deadly meme within the human psyche, it has spawned the greatest human misery and violence throughout history. It is the seed of war. For the easiest way to turn one group of human beings against another is to dehumanize the other. Your enemy is not human. They're reptiles. Hence you're powerless.

Ickes's vision may be more sinister than any of the cults we've seen to date. He is of the internet age. As with many other cults, his privy information was obtained through channeling. But just like that Quija board, you and your mates experimented with as teenagers, how do you know you can trust the thing at the other end? With no mechanism for identifying the enemy, your enemy becomes anybody you don't like. Icke divorced his last wife claiming she shape-shifted into a lizard before his eyes.

The Koolaid has arrived.

But back in my Soho flat, I figured David Icke was a harmless bit of fun. I loved skirting the fringes of the conspiracy scene for interesting bits of gossip. The tidbits I came across were often surprisingly prophetic. Ironically the more the outside world poked fun at my interests, the more I felt bonded to other like-minded people. We consoled one other with the knowledge that we had access to secret information. The brainwashed world outside was full of "sheeple" or "normies" but we were special. This tendency for us human apes to huddle together believing we're superior is as old as time.

But that was before the rot set in.

From upon his perch, the light seems to cast a halo upon David Icke and his message. He appears onstage at Trafalgar Square as a world-weary but triumphant figure with his craggy face and gleaming blonde hair. You can almost see his wings. Dramatically he appears from the shadows to pour his golden message into the minds of his disciples. He seems so sincere, you want to believe him.

But they say you must judge a person not by what he says or does, but by the fruits of what he produces. The fruit David Icke has produced is a culture of mass paranoid schizophrenia. Cults only work by offering 99% truth to sucker you in. However, that last 1% is where they steal your soul.

Icke reserves this final 1% for the end of his marathon soliloquies. It's the bit where after 2, 4, or 10 hours of his hypnotic voice and earnestly angelic face which assures you of your specialness, you're ready to swallow anything. After all, you probably paid a fair chunk of cash to listen to him. So psychologically, at this point, to reject his crowning revelation would be to shatter the illusion of a world where you are on the winning team of loving enlightened new-age lightworkers in a battle against the evil elite.

Sure, you can convince yourself he hasn't gotten to you with his reptilian nonsense. But then you start to notice people eyeing each other suspiciously. Underneath the pretense of new-age, loving kindness, is the fearful cold eye of doubt.

You begin to consider whether there really is a battle between good and evil on Planet Earth. You worry for the ones who haven't woken up and are still asleep. Mentally your brain starts to re-organize its pathways of perception. It slots every human being or group on Planet earth into just one of two categories - Good vs. Evil. Conveniently you place yourself into the "good" camp.

Then Covid19 appears and all information you receive from the outer world is filtered through your new polarizing lens. You reject anything that comes from the "reptilian" mainstream media, medical institutions, and universities. By contrast, you blindly embrace any new rogue Youtube scientist superstar.

Black and white thinking is said to be at the core of the mental illness. For it's not that these aforementioned bodies aren't corrupt and it's not as if there are no real whistle-blowers, it's just not as cut and dried as you now see it. Far from being a receptacle of hidden knowledge, your brand new cognitive bias makes the "sheeple" you once scorned look enlightened.

Your common sense has deteriorated so badly you now believe your refusal to wear a mask on public transport is a heroic stance against tyranny. Meanwhile, the unlucky shop assistant (who relies on public transport and has no choice but to breathe your infected air) is merely "collateral damage" to your higher cause. Nonetheless, David assures you that your civil rights extend beyond your own private space and trump the hapless worker's right to untainted air in shared public space.

But why not demand the right to smoke, cure fiberglass, and work with toxic fumes on the Circle line? Surely you have the right to do whatever the **** you want? David Icke says so.

The government, big pharma, and the industrial complexes of the world are busy snatching land, getting bailouts, buying up small businesses, manipulating drug trials, and generally cashing in. Instead of tackling these very real issues, you've done your bit by hanging out with your enlightened new age mates in Trafalgar Square in support of your golden leader. You snigger at those who wear masks and call them "normies". Incredulously you demand an answer to when the lockdown will end.

You cite yourself as a shining example of someone who never wore a mask yet remained healthy. But you conveniently overlook the fact that it was the efforts of the 95% who did and which allows you to be alive today, so that you may now sneer at them.

You cite a low death rate yet ignore the fact that COVID was never about the rate of death but about the speed of infection and silent incubation period. We now know COVID produces a permanent glassy lung pattern in 30% of those who were asymptomatic. But you've not been following that.

You cite the "Casedemic" theory which "proves" that COVID is no longer dangerous. But you ignore the fact that fewer deaths come as average viral loads in the body decrease due to the diligent use of social distancing and masks. Once again you can thank the "normies" for this (and no thanks to you!).

You insist you don't want mandatory vaccines but do everything in your power to thwart any hope of eradicating this vaccine through social means. Instead, you'd prefer to let the virus run its course naturally killing, maiming, and culling anyone unlucky enough to get sick or old for many, many generations to come.

While the rest of the world offer hands to each other in an unprecedented open exchange of knowledge for the first time in human history, you sneer at them as "sheeple. As scientists, biologists, chemists, nurses, doctors, businesses, organizers, inventors, programmers, and so many others, from all across the planet work tirelessly round the clock to seek solutions to our shared crisis, you dismiss their achievements as being "fake science". Instead, you've thoroughly assimilated David Ickes's assertion that everything bad which happens can be blamed on reptiles.

Meanwhile, the real reptiles are the creepy channeled entities standing behind the man on the stage, running the show.

Vanity, vanity, all is vanity...